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I am a Principal Scientist at Charles River Analytics. Charles River is a great place to work and we are often looking to hire new people, so please check us out.


Prior to joining Charles River, I was Associate Professor in the Computer Science group in the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.


In my research, I study how to use artificial intelligence to help people become better decision makers in challenging situations – challenging meaning that they involve significant uncertainty, complexity, and a constantly changing world. More specifically, my research focuses on probabilistic reasoning and machine learning. I have been particularly interested in expressive probabilistic languages, from probabilistic relational models to probabilistic programming languages like IBAL and Figaro.

I am in the process of writing a book on probabilistic programming called "Practical Probabilistic Programming". Most of the chapters of the book are already available under Manning's Early Access Program.

A list of my publications up until about 2010 can be found here. More recent publications can be found at Charles River's website.


I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts with my wife Debby and my daughters Dina, Ruti, and Nomi.


I’m a composer of classical and electronic music. I have released Lift Up Mine Eyes And See, an album of electronic music, to raise funds and awareness for the American Jewish World Service.

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